St. Peter's Anglican Church

Saint Peter’s exists to worship God in a loving environment where people of all backgrounds may grow in the Christian faith, share the love of Jesus through their talents, and help bring the Gospel message to a fallen world.

Saint Peter's offers traditional Anglican Services based on the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and augmented by the American Missal. The Faith taught is that of the United Church of the first millennium as received from the Church in England.

We invite you to come to St. Peter’s and experience the sacramental life steeped in prayer, fellowship and study all culminating in the special Grace of God that is found only in the Mass.

Diocese of the Holy Cross
Member Forward in Faith North America
Member Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas
Ministry Partner Anglican Church in North America
Join Us:

     9:15 am Morning Prayer
     10:30 am Mass and
     Children's Sunday School
     12:30 pm Christian Formation

     9:30 am Morning Prayer
     4:30 pm Evening Prayer

     10:00 am Low Mass
     11:00 am Bible Study

     9:30 am Morning Prayer
     4:30 pm Evening Prayer &